You are not alone You are not alone! The number of California Bar applicants who have received special accommodation has tripled in the last five years, and most of these were for learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.
No test is so tightly timed as the Bar A number of applicants don't discover their disorder until law school or the bar exam itself. That's not surprising. The intense reading comprehension and tightly timed exams together with advances in diagnosing these disorders have led to uncovering the problem.
Extra time is no sure cure

One caution, extra time for taking the exam is not a panacea. Despite the advances in diagnosis, attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities are still broad descriptors that include a number of bar skills. Further, the evaluator is not a lawyer so is unable to translate between the diagnosis and what will help the student to pass the Bar Exam.

Time alone does not make up for not knowing the rules well enough or failures in reasoning. You cannot depend on extra time to cure these deficits.

More than the average Bar candidate (if there is such a thing), you need individual help in diagnosis precisely what you need to work on and how to practice -- and you need to practice exams within the same time limits you will be given on the Bar.

Get the individual attention you need

You've already done the hard part by asking for the extra time you need. Assure your success by getting the individual help that you need to pass the Bar.

You are thinking of special accomodations

No other course but The Writing Edge focuses exclusively on repeat takers and attorney bar applicants. So no other course has as much experience with those taking the bar under special accommodation. Vivian has practical experience with and sensitivity for accommodated students. She makes special accommodation for testing within The Writing Edge class and tailors her study suggestions for each individual student.

The truth is not many bar applicants thrive in the cattle-drive approach of major bar courses. But accommodated students certainly need more help than full-service bar courses provide.

Get the help you need

Vivian can help you:

The Writing Edge Bar Review Course

Performance Test Power



The Writing Edge Bar Review Course

Ten weeks intensive preparation for taking the essay and performance portions of the bar exam—65 percent of your score.

Vivian Dempsey is a former grader of the California Bar Exam, essays and performance tests and has been teaching The Writing Edge since 1985. See more information about the course.


Performance Test Power

Failing the performance tests is the most common reason for failing the bar, and it is the greatest weakness in the bar course you are taking. Talk to people who have take your bar course before. What do they say about the PT preparation? If you have already attended the PT lectures or have gotten PT exams graded by your course, ask yourself, do you understand the “method?” Do you feel confident? Now, for the first time. Vivian is offering her legendary Performance Test course for first time takers of the California Bar Exam. The is an essential adjunct for first timer takers who want to make the first time their last time taking the California Bar Exam.


Tutoring is part of every course. Additional tutoring for current or former students is available as Vivian’s time permits. E-mail Viv for more info

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