You need the most special attention

Big bar courses are one-size fits-all, and as we all know, one size doesn't. Probably the category of bar applicant that needs the most special evaluation and special help is one who has waited a long time after law school to take the exam or waited a long time between bar exams.

I keep my classes small because I like being involved with my students. But the students who fascinate me the most are ones who tell me they graduated from law school 10 years ago or they sat out the bar exam for seven years. Despite the reasons they tell me, I can predict two things. First, the reason they sat it out for so long boils down to fear.

Now you are ready to pass But, the second prediction is far more powerful: they are ready now to do what it takes to pass the Bar Exam.
Put together a plan that will succeed So, congratulations! You deserve a lot of credit for facing reason #1. You have saved your money, your time off, even your confidence, to put together a plan of action that will succeed.
Focus on frequent issues

Practice taking the test

Unlearn bad habits

As far as remembering the law, you can consider yourself a blank slate. You need to start from ground zero, reviewing the law as it is taught in a big bar outline, but with the focus I give you on the issues that are most frequently tested. I'll make sure you understand the concepts and give you lots of practice taking the test.

What will come back to you first are your old bad habits. Learning to pass the bar exam is a two stage process: unlearning your mistakes then learning how to do it right. You are ready to do what it takes to pass this time.

You are ready to rely on an expert who can tell you what to study and how to write.

Let's get started!

Your memory of the law being a blank slate could be an advantage, but psychologically your years since taking the bar exam has probably reduced your confidence. Too many repaters don’t really believe they deserve a pull-out-all-the-stops serious program for passing the bar exam. Yet, fiddling around at the edges and going at your study half-heartedly really isn’t worth bothering doing. Your lapse of time studying means that a full-hearted serious effort is exactly what you do need.

Get the help you need

Vivian can help you:

The Writing Edge Bar Review Course

Performance Test Power



The Writing Edge Bar Review Course

Ten weeks intensive preparation for taking the essay and performance portions of the bar exam—65 percent of your score.

Vivian Dempsey is a former grader of the California Bar Exam, essays and performance tests and has been teaching The Writing Edge since 1985. Vivian teaches this course and personally grades and critiques 24 essays and 10 Performance Tests. Course comes with the specific focused law you need for the essay exam; 150 genuine California Bar essay questions and 15 genuine California Performance Tests, all with Vivian’s own analysis and answers.

Berkeley U.C. Berkeley, Boalt Hall, ten weeks, classes on Sundays
9-6 December 21-February 22

Videocourse 35 videos covering all classes. Vivian does all the same grading.
Access to Vivian for questions 12 hours per day by email, phone and fax.

Performance Test Power

Failing the performance tests is the most common reason for failing the bar, and it is the greatest weakness in the bar course you are taking. Talk to people who have take your bar course before. What do they say about the PT preparation? If you have already attended the PT lectures or have gotten PT exams graded by your course, ask yourself, do you understand the “method?” Do you feel confident? Now, for the first time. Vivian is offering her legendary Performance Test course for first time takers of the California Bar Exam. The is an essential adjunct for first timer takers who want to make the first time their last time taking the California Bar Exam.


Tutoring is part of every course. Additional tutoring for current or former students is available as Vivian’s time permits. E-mail Viv for more info

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