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Nearly everyone graduating from law school takes a survey bar review course. But one-third of them fail the bar. Off-the-rack, cast-of-hundreds, talking heads bar review courses don’t work for everyone. If:

  • You were in the bottom half of your class
  • Your law school is not a top-tier ABA-accredited school
  • Your law school career was interrupted
  • You have always had trouble finishing exams in the allotted time
  • You had to take the Baby Bar
  • You Professors always criticized your writing
  • If you simply lack confidence in your ability to pass

If any one of these or a combination applies to you, you are in greater danger of being in the half that fails the bar the first time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take a survey bar course; I’m saying that even with a survey course you are at risk of failing the bar.

You don’t have to take that risk. People commonly take a multistate-only course to supplement their survey bar course. BarBoost is the necessary supplement for the other two sections of the bar exam—the parts worth 65% of your total exam score.

There are few decisions as momentous as your choice of courses for the bar exam. About a year of your life hangs in the balance. I’ve worked with repeaters for twenty years, and I can tell you that you’ll never have the time, the resources, the generosity of employers and family and the confidence that you have this first time you take the bar exam.

Vivian Dempsey can help you:

You should take a full-service survey course that specializes in the California Bar Exam. Even with that course, first time takers of the California Bar Exam may find the law in a full-service bar course is not detailed or focused and that they do not get meaningful feedback on essays and performance tests. To get that extra help in a course book plus grading and tutoring on both essays and Performance Tests from Vivian Dempsey by email, BarBoost is the perfect complement to your bar review course. BarBoost is limited to first-time takers of the California Bar Exam who are currently taking a full-service bar review course.

For more guidance, more constructive feedback, more focus on the law and a PT method that actually works, you should take BarBoost along with your survey bar course.

Schedule: there are no classes to weigh you down. You can enroll at any time.

Performance Test Power
Failing the performance tests is the most common reason for failing the bar, and it is the greatest weakness in the bar course you are taking. Talk to people who have take your bar course before. What do they say about the PT preparation? If you have already attended the PT lectures or have gotten PT exams graded by your course, ask yourself, do you understand the “method?” Do you feel confident? Now, for the first time. Vivian is offering her legendary Performance Test course for first time takers of the California Bar Exam. The is an essential adjunct for first timer takers who want to make the first time their last time taking the California Bar Exam.


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