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I've taken three Bar exams in three different jurisdictions and passed them all on my first try. I studied for each exam in a different way. I took two months off, went to the gym and to every lecture, read every word of Bar-Bri outlines. I've borrowed used materials and studied at night while working full time. I've taken a weekend course specializing in writing for the California Bar Exam.

I've been a member of the California Bar Exam since 1978 and I've been grading, teaching and an historian of the California Bar Exam since 1983. I've reviewed every question that's been on the Bar since 1972, and every PT. I have identified what issues the Bar tests most frequently and I know what the graders are looking for.

Performance Tests are my special strength, both because I delight in them and because I am the only person teaching how to tackle a PT who has ever taken one. I took PT exams for the State Bar while the test was being developed. But I'm good at PT's because I see how they are all alike--they all have just a few issues and the issues are given in a limited number of ways. I've developed tips to help you both find the rules more quickly and to increase your comprehension.

I love teaching and seeing the lightbulb go off in my students' eyes. I enjoy getting to know my students and diagnosing what they need to do differently. I have confidence that the law and the writing method I teach succeeds, and that confidence rubs off on my students. Read more about the course.

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