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Take 5 exams every week for two months

Former California Bar Grader Vivian Dempsey teaches all classes on DVD. You take the course in your own home and follow the course schedule at your convenience. She personally critiques 24 essays and 10 Performance Tests. Following each exam, Vivian tutors you by telephone or email. It is the quality of the feedback that has led to the success of hundreds of Vivian’s students.

Law outlines focused on California’s essay exam

Vivian Dempsey identifies the most-tested issues and explains the concepts. The Writing Edge book gives you condensed law outlines that are easy to master—not by dropping out crucial details, but by Vivian’s laser-beam identification of the issues most frequently tested. The book also has law quizzes for every subject. In 60 quiz questions and answers for each subject, you have an easy way to memorize the legal tests for the most frequent issues.

DVDs that explain all the crucial legal concepts

Along with The Writing Edge book, you get 21 DVDs to watch in your home. The DVDs give you clear conceptual understanding of the legal issues most likely to appear on the essays. These two-hour DVDs are perfect for attorney bar applicants as well those who have been out of law school for a year or more.

About 100 genuine essay exams with Vivian’s model answers

Mastering the essay exam takes practice. In addition to the 24 essay exams you turn in for Vivian’s critique, the Writing Edge book gives you about 100 more essays with Vivian’s model answers. You need model answers—not sample answers that may be wrong in key respects—in order to build on your clarity and knowledge of the law.

Learn the key to analyzing every Performance Test

The Performance Test prevents more applicants from passing the California bar than any other part of the exam. That is because other courses do not understand the exam and do not provide a method of attack that works on every PT. Most applicants do not spend much time practicing PTs, because they realize the course they took did not give them anything worth practicing.

The Writing Edge course gives you seven hours of DVDs explaining Vivian’s method in detail. Then you write 10 PTs that Vivian critiques, followed by telephone tutoring on each PT exam. Vivian always adds the latest PT exams and exposes the similarities that all PTs share in giving you the issues and in providing the case rules. Instead of being afraid of the PT or thinking it is a crap-shoot,  you can actually make the PT the strongest part of your exam.

Get meaningful feedback

The Writing Edge is the best of both worlds, combining the discipline of a schedule and practice exams with focused black letter law and the intimacy of a personal trainer.

You get more than a class--you get a coach

Vivian grades every paper you write, every week. You can reach her by phone, fax or e-mail TWELVE HOURS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.Vivian Dempsey enrolls a limited number of students in the course, so you get a lot of personal attention and support.

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How do I know if The Writing Edge is best for me?

Next to buying a house or choosing a job, there are few decisions that have as great an impact on your life. Making the wrong choice can cost you a year of your live and tens of thousands of dollars in lost earnings. So make your decision carefully. Look at the course materials. Evaluate the instructors. Is he or she a former California Bar Exam grader? How well does he or she write? Will I matter to this person? How large are the classes? Check out the course references. Talk to the instructor you are trusting with your future. In the final analysis, you need to trust the course or person – or both – that you have chosen to lead you to success on the Bar exam. You must trust your instincts.

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