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Winter 2017 Bar Question 2

Contracts, Remedies


Steve agreed to convey his condominium to Betty for $200,000 in a written contract signed by both parties. During negotiations, Steve told Betty that, although there was no deeded parking along with the unit, he was allowed to park his car on an adjacent lot for $50 a month. Steve stated that he had no reason to believe that Betty would not be able to continue that arrangement. Parking was important to Betty because the condominium was located in a congested urban area.

On June 1, the conveyance took place: Betty paid Steve $200,000, Steve deeded the condominium to Betty, and Betty moved. She immediately had the entire unit painted, replaced some windows, and added a deck. The improvements cost $20,000 in all. She also spent $2,000 to remove the only bathtub in the condominium and to replace it with a shower, leaving the condominium with two showers and no bathtub.

On August 1, Betty discovered that the owner of the adjacent parking lot was about to construct an office building on it and was going to discontinue renting parking spaces. She also learned that Steve had known about these plans before the sale. She quickly investigated other options and discovered that she could rent parking a block away for $100 a month. At the same time, she also found that, immediately before Steve had bought the condominium, the previous owner had been murdered on the premises. Steve had failed to tell Betty about the incident.

Betty has tried to sell the condominium but has been unable to obtain offers of more than $160,000, partly due to the disclosure of the murder and the lack of a parking space. Betty has sued Steve for fraud.

What is the likely outcome of Betty’s lawsuit and what remedies can she reasonably seek? Discuss.


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Contracts, Remedies
Question 2, Winter 2017

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